Belkin Desktop Internet Phone for Skype

I love Skype and have been a dedicated user for about two years now. With Skype's new subscription plans you can make unlimited calls for a fixed price, or free Skype-to-Skype calls for absolutely nowt. The only real way to take advantage of the Skype service is to have a phone or handset that negates the need to have your Mac or PC switched on. With such a device you can just pick up the phone and use it just like a normal landline.

The new Belkin Desktop Internet Phone for Skype is such a device and it is available now for £79.99. The main features include a contact list for over 500 sets of Skype and SkypeOut contacts. You also get automatic login to your Skype account. This little baby plugs into an ethernet port on your wired or wireless router, using your broadband or ADSL connection for ultra cheap or free calls. The fact that it is wired enables the promise of plug'n'play, so really easy for joe public to set up and use. It sounds really good and certainly looks the part... expect to see a full review here soon.