Apple refresh their iMac line

Today, Apple refreshed their iMac line with new graphics card offerings and a host of performance improvements. Ranging from a 20-inch 2.66GHz model for £949 through to a top-of-the-range 24-inch 3.06GHz model for £1,799.
The base model gets 2GB of RAM, whilst all the other offerings get 4GB as standard. You can upgrade that memory too, with 4GB to 8GB upgrades weighing in at a hefty £800... what on earth are they thinking? On the graphics front, the two lowest price models get NVidia 9400M, whilst the 24-inch 2.93GHz and 3.06GHz models gain NVidia GT120 and GT130 cards respectively. Those tops models can even be upgraded to an ATI Radeon HD 4850 card should you wish.

The same aluminum frame, but with a thinner pedestal stand. The stand can also be removed and the iMac has a standard vesa mount, so you can hang it on your wall. This is a nice design change... well done Apple.

I like the upgrades, especially the improved graphics performance. What I don't like is the prices and the ridiculous costs involved with 'custom build' options. As a sidenote (and correct me if I am wrong) the AppleCare pricing seems to have dropped. The keyboard has also lost its numerical keypad (like the previous wireless version), but you can opt for the full-size keyboard at no extra cost.