Apple Store down - new iMacs and Mac Minis

The Apple Store has gone down, likely for the rumored updates to the iMac, Mac Mini and Mac Pro lines. This is very exciting for me, as a new purchase was imminent in the form of a MacBook or Mac Mini, so I will be watching with interest. Details will be posted as soon as they happen, but for now the rumors are below.

Rumored iMacs
MB417LL/A - IMAC 20" 2.66/2GB/320GB/SD/MSE/KB-USA
MB418LL/A - IMAC 24" 2.66/4GB/640/SD/MSE/KB-USA
MB419LL/A - IMAC 24" 2.93/4GB/640/256/SD/MSE/KB-USA
MB420LL/A - IMAC 24" 3.06/4GB/1TB/512/SD/MSE/KB-USA

Rumored Mac Minis
MB463LL/A - MAC MINI 2.0/1X1G/120/SD/AP/BT-USA
MB464LL/A - MAC MINI 2.0/2X1G/320/SD/AP/BT-USA

Rumored Mac Pros
MAC PRO 2.26_8CX/6X1G/640/GT120/SD-USA
MAC PRO 2.66QCX/3X1GB/640/GT120/SD-USA