Innova innovate with FibaPrint Ultra Smooth Gloss

When someone buys an inkjet printer (in my case the Epson R2880), you often get a sample pack of paper with the device. This is not just out of kindness, it is marketing. Papers are normally developed especially for the manufacturers inks and when you see the results, it is more than likely you will continue to buy their own brand papers. Unless you are in the graphic design industry, it is unlikely that you would even research any other papers, so I have done a little bit of that work for you.

FineArtFoto, a specialist retailer of fine art papers and canvas materials for inkjet printers, kindly sent me some samples. The first of which is the Innova FibaPrint Ultra Smooth Gloss. It comes in a range of sizes, A4 thru A2, as well as roll based media for large format inkjet printers. This is a heavy weight paper at 285gsm and has some superb stiffness to it. This is superb for photo prints that you might intend to resell, as it gives a very high quality feel. The finish on this particular paper is ultra smooth, with a high white finish. Unprinted it appears a little mottled, but once it has been shown the ink, the smoothness really becomes aparent.

Before I move onto the printing results, I should mention that Innova have made ICC profiles available for a lot of the Epson printers, including the R2880. This ensures that the printer uses the right mix of inks to deliver consistent and expected results. Download and installation is easy and for the tests I let Photoshop handle the colour management, thus utilising the ICC profile for this particular paper.

The results are nothing short of outstanding (scans and original to follow). The ink lays on the paper nicely and creates a print that appears to stand off slightly from the page. The tonal range (when compared to Epson Premium Glossy) is fantastic, there is just such a natural feel to the print that I was really amazed. The level of detail also improved, with clouds in the sky taking on a more natural look. In darker areas, much more detail was resolved, just proving that it was there in the original photo.

Innova FibaPrint Ultra Smooth Gloss is not something you would use everyday, due to the cost. For those of you who want to make those special one off prints for framing, this is definitely a media you should check out. For the graphic professionals out there, if you intend to resell your prints, then you will be very pleased with how this media performs.

The prices below are obtained by using a special discount code when checking out. The code to use is INNUSG-GEEKS. You can use this online or even if you phone your order through. It equates to about 35% discount off the RRP and can be used on ANY paper order.

Product: Innova FibaPrint Ultra Smooth Gloss
Prices (exc. VAT. Other sizes & quantities available):
A4/25 £14.27
A4/50 £27.30
A3/25 £28.60
A3/50 £54.60
A3+/25 £37.05
A3+/50 £67.60
A2/25 £55.90
A2/50 £108.55

Supplied by: FineArtFoto
Contact: +44 (0) 845 2775555