In search of a NetBook Sleeve that Works!

For many years I have been coveting my Apple goodies. Often wrapping them up in cotton wool, or if the fluffy stuff runs out, then I get myself a sleeve. I have tried and tested many MacBook and MacBook Pro sleeves over the years, from the likes of Macally and CaseMate to name just a couple. I can remember ordering my first MacBook Pro case about a month before even owning the laptop itself.

However, when it comes to these tiny little NetBooks they more often than not come with a sleeve in the box. A recent purchase of one for my daughter revealed that the included sleeve is indeed free. In this case free, really meant worthless, as it offered little or no protection. I hadn't pre-ordered one either, because I thought the manufacturer (Toshiba) would have at least thought about the type of market they are selling into. In my opinion a high percentage of these NetBooks will be accompany the young student to school (as in this case too) and as such they will get thrown into school bags, bumped around for the school day and generally not really well cared for. So my task this weekend was to find an alternative. There are plenty to choose from, but I have settled on ordering a Be.ez LA Robe after reading a review on iGadget Life, it looks like a nice little pouch offering up a decent amount of styling, mixed with a nice degree of styling too. Maybe now my daughters little netbook will last more than a couple of months between being summoned to their IT room for repair.