Olympus Announce new 

Wow, this is fantastic news from Olympus. I am so excited about this one, rest assured, some way or another I will bring you a full review of this new camera. Press release as follows...

In today’s world you’ve got to give the people what they want. And they’re going to want the new Olympus 
E-PL1. Not only does it deliver extraordinary digital images, it’s the perfect tool for anyone who hesitated to buy SLRs because they find them too complicated. The possibilities are virtually endless with this easy to use retro look model. With great features like HD movie shooting and impressive Art Filters, you too can take exceptional pictures. Its 100% stabilised body even lets you shoot blur-free with all lenses. Combining SLR performance and a lightweight design, PEN lets you create exciting, innovative shots, preserving those moments in life you want captured forever. The ultimate democratising force in quality photography, the E-PL1 is available from March 2010 at a retail price of just £549 for the single lens kit and £699 for the twin zoom kit.

The high-tech mirrorless construction of the PEN means it’s small and easy to use, yet it produces ‘big camera’ results. That’s the genius of the 
E-PL1, now fine-tuned with these new features:


  • Easy to understand, non-technical Live Guide with simple direct control over key image effects
  • Direct one touch video button
  • Convenient integrated flash
  • 4 bold colours to choose from: black, white, champagne, red
  • 6 intriguing Art Filters for stills and movies
  • E-PL1 plus 14-42 Single Zoom kit £549
  • E-PL1 plus 14-42 plus MMF-1 E System adapter and 40-150 E-TeleZoom (total range 28-300mm equivalent) £699

A hybrid of SLR performance embodying the latest technologies and compact comfort, PEN constitutes a new class of camera. The E-PL1 with integrated flash houses a 12.3 Megapixel Live MOS sensor, producing beautiful, razor-sharp photos and HD movies, and the TruePic V engine guarantees superior image quality at up to ISO 3200. Mechanical in-camera image stabilisation provides shake protection of up to 3 EV, effective regardless which lens you decide to use. The high definition AVI format movie option is available at 30fps and 1280x720p resolution – recording up to 7 minutes of film in a single shot. And all this top drawer technology comes in a neat pocket-sized camera.


Helping you take your best photos the new Live Guide speaks plain language, making it easier than ever to change difficult SLR camera effects like depth of field. These can then be monitored on the 2.7” HyperCrystal LCD. i-Enhance, for example, makes sure all colours in your picture spectrum are vivid and rich. It is automatically applied in conjunction with 
i-Auto mode, which recognises what kind of scene or subject you’re taking and adjusts settings accordingly, or can be used alone. And e-Portrait gives your subjects a quick facelift by glossing over impurities. With the abundance of supportive features and excellent technology, feeling like a pro is a given.