Apple iPad Delayed until late May for the UK

Too much success? Well, that can't be a bad thing surely. Unless you live in the UK and are wanting an iPad that is! Seems like Apple have sold over half a million of their new iPad to US customers, leaving very little stock for anywhere else in the world. The UK were meant to be getting hold of the iPad toward the end of April. I personally thought that something was amiss when today arrived and we still had no pricing or pre-order date.

Well, today we learn that pre-orders will start on the 10th May for the UK, with late May shipping. This is very annoying to learn, as it leaves UK Apple fans either waiting or searching on eBay. With prices on eBay rising, be careful that you buy from a trusted seller who actually has stock and don't get too carried away with the price. Some have been selling for nearly £1,500 which is pretty high, even though the device is amazing!