Apple quietly updates MacBook

New MacBook revealed today, as previously leaked on the world wide internet webby thing that we all use. It is listed as shipping within 24 hours, with a price of £849. That asking price gets you the white MacBook with a new 2.4GHz speed, 2GB of RAM, 250GB hard drive and a SuperDrive. The biggest change has to be the NVidia GeForce 320M graphics with 256MB of shared memory. This should boost performance a great deal. A great little laptop from Apple here, that'll keep you going all day with a 10-hour quoted battery life.

Of note, this is the same speed as the entry level unibody MacBook Pro. So if you can live without the aluminium body, SD card slot and extra 2GB RAM, you can save your £150. Hmmm, now that makes it a little more difficult to choose.

This also just leaves the MacBook Air and Mac Mini needing updates now. It has got me thinking that Apple may well wait a few months, then refresh these two with Core i3 processors, closely followed within six months from now with the i3 being introduced to the MacBook and 13-inch MacBook Pros.