Meet the Viewers - Setup #001

It really is great to hear from viewers that enjoy my videos and just recently I got this superb email with a little article from George. If you would like to share your set-up or opinion about the Geekanoids Channel, please do get in touch.
This is my mac setup, I have recently just bought the mac mini and I am enjoying every second of it.
The reason I bought the mac mini was because of the Geekanoids Channel on YouTube as Dave who presents all the videos describes the apple macs so well it tempted me to go and get one. So I watched more of Daves videos and saw that the mac looked more amazing and the Geekanoids Channel defiantly describes all the apple products well.
On my setup I have the 2010 model of the mac mini with a 1080p 24 inch HANNS G HH241 monitor with a wired apple keyboard and mouse with a griffin docking station for my ipod and a logitech microphone for video chatting. I hope you enjoyed reading.