Apple Store is down - Worldwide - new iMacs, Pros & Displays?

The Apple Store is currently unavailable, ahead of rumoured new iMacs, Mac Pros and Cinema Displays. It seems pretty obvious that we will see something new from Apple today. For starters, the Cinema Displays definitely need to reflect the current iMac sizing. I think we will see a 21.5-inch model and 27-inch model for sure, making it uber cool to run dual display iMac setups. For those who run a Mac Pro, yes I know you want to see a 30-inch model too.

On the iMac front, I predict that we will see Core i3 processors as the base specification. Let's hope that prices stay the same too. If this does happen, they can count me in for an order. I didn't want the high end i7 really (or at least the price associated with it), but a Core i3 27-inch would do me nicely to replace my current 3.06GHz Core2Duo machine.

As for the Mac Pros, well, when I am a bit richer then I would show more interest. Sorry guys (and gals) but this is not my bag.

Surprises… well one would like to think so, but is a Mac Mini Tower every really going to happen?