Steve Jobs - Simply Inspirational

For the first time in almost five years I could not bring myself to make a video today… I woke up to the sad sad news that Steve Jobs has passed away. Every time I switched that camera on it was impossible for me to complete a video from start to finish. However, I thought it appropriate to share my thoughts with you all, both on the Geekanoids & Technobuffalo websites.

Personally, I started out using boring beige or grey boxes, even the revolutionary Amiga that I loved so much, was that same uninspiring colour. When the Mac was born, my life changed forever. It fulfilled all of my computing needs with such elegance. Then, looking back to my first ever video on The Geekanoids Channel, that too was a case for an Apple product. So without Apple, I would most likely be in a completely different place now, living a completely different life.

I don't mind admitting that when I heard the news I actually cried. The first thing that I envisioned was the picture I have of Steve on my studio wall. Many viewers criticised me, saying that was just plain weird, having a picture of someone I don't even know hanging on my wall. Well, for me that picture is staying… even though Steve is gone, his ambition and drive definitely live on with me. I might not be able to influence the world as much as the great man himself, but whenever I look at that picture I remember what a great person he was. It will give me the strength to strive to make the world a better place and to share as much of my knowledge and love for technology with others.

Steve changed so many people's lives and shaped the way technology is used in everyday life. The way Steve spoke, the way he pushed the boundaries of technology and the people around him, was sometimes looked upon as arrogance. What he was actually doing was living each day as though it was his last. That is why everything he did was so insanely great and that is the way I try to lead my life too.

Next to my late Dad who I lost when I was a teenager, Steve Jobs was, and still is the second most inspirational person in my life. My thoughts go out to Steve's family, friends and work colleagues. I know how much it hurts to lose someone so close to you and I truly feel your sadness.


Steve Jobs 1955-2011