ACME Digital Media Centre Offers HD Goodness

Interactive Ideas, one of the UK’s top, value-added software and peripherals distributor in partnership with leading PC, Office and Gaming producer Acme, today announced the launch of their Digital Media Centre.
If your lifestyle is active and you are interested not only in the news but also in its presentation and love to watch good movies or YouTube clips while sitting comfortably on your couch... then the ACME Digital Media Centre is a must-have item!
Now you can have a very functional TV add-on which supports Wi-Fi or LAN internet connection and will satisfy all your entertainment needs. Just imagine sitting with a warm cup of coffee in the morning and reading the RSS subscriptions of your favourite blogs, news, and weather forecast websites. Starting a new day with a good breakfast is not enough, knowing the latest news is equally important.
The other features of the ACME Digital Media Centre will make your leisure time much more fun. Forget about all your troubles and have a rest with e-radio or YouTube.
Expecting guests on the weekend? You'd better get some HD movies ready! The ACME Digital Media Centre DP-02 supports 1080p movies. Great time with friends guaranteed. Download the movies via a Bit torrent client or use a portable hard drive or a SD card (there’s a special slot for it). 
Want to help your friends find the perfect way home? Just turn on your ACME Digital Media Centre and show them the route on Google Maps.
Forget the inconvenience of using several devices. Now you can have everything at once! The ACME Digital Media Centre DP-02 is made to work for you!
The ACME Digital Media Centre is distributed in the UK by Interactive Ideas and is available for MSRP £207.99 inc from Amazon.