Monster Cable's Turbine Challenge

Take part in Monster Cable's Turbine Challenge for your chance to review a pair of Turbine In-Ear Speakers. Geekanoids will be bringing you a review of this product soon, but you can follow the step by step rules below for your chance to review them too:


    How the Turbine Challenge Works:
    1.  Go to Turbine Challenge on Monster's Facebook page found HERE:
    2.  You fill out the application and answer questions about your
    music preferences, listening medium, and interests.
    3.  Monster matches you with the right headphones: Turbine, Turbine
    Pearl, Turbine Pro Gold, or Turbine Pro Copper.
    4.  Monster will get back to you if you are chosen to review.  The
    options for reviewing are completely open!   You  can simply give
    feedback or you can get creative and record a review video to put
    out on their personal blog, for example. Reviews are to be posted
    on and other retail sites to be determined at a later date.