Sena Cases announce new iPad 2 Goodies

California-based luxury leather accessory designer Sena Cases has announced new high-end leather cases for the Apple iPad 2. As a perfect companion to the success of the amazing first generation iPad and Sena’s seven original iPad cases, the new iPad 2 designs match the sleek profile of the device while hugging the iPad 2 with classic protection and functionality.
Sena Cases CEO, Ramsey Oten, Ph.D., stated, “We custom designed our new iPad 2 cases specifically to fit the ultra-slim style and profile of the iPad 2. We developed our new designs to maximize functionality with slimmer styling. Our design engineers focused on versatility with comfortable angles, and integrated multi-position stand options to enhance viewing, typing, and overall comfort coupled with fashionable style.”
The exquisite craftsmanship and quality is showcased in the collection of Sena’s seven signature case designs for the iPad 2, and new unique options including integrated stand features and UltraSlim which accommodates the Apple Smart Cover Case highlighted below.<P>

SENA ULTRASLIM CASE FOR THE APPLE IPAD 2 W/SMART COVER The UltraSlim (Smart Cover) is the thinnest leather case ever designed for the iPad 2. It is perfect for those who prefer zero bulk. The case features a soft velvet lining with stitching along the opening and fits perfectly with Apple’s Smart Cover. The UltraSlim slips over the Smart Cover and provides protection to the entire iPad 2 including the back of the iPad 2, but it has zero excess material offering a seamless and protective ultra-thin look and feel. Retail Price: $59.99<P>

SENA FOLIO CASE FOR THE APPLE IPAD 2 The new and improved leather portfolio book design offers a side-folding design with three integrated positions including portrait and landscape standing positions as well as a typing position. The improved Folio case is the perfect accessory to add sophistication with premium leather providing a soft layer to gently protect the iPad 2. The integrated 3-position stand is great for watching videos or viewing photos in portrait or landscape as well using the iPad in a typing position while in case. The Folio features a soft velvet protection on the inside, as well as multiple pockets for credit cards. It is secured with a strap and snap closure for total protection when not in use. Retail Price: $99.99, but available on pre-order for $89.99<P>

SENA FLORENCE FOR THE APPLE IPAD 2 The Florence is a great companion for the iPad 2 for those who enjoy creative versatility and elegance. The Florence is simple, thin and features an integrated 2-position folding cover that provides seamless function and comfortable angles while you watch movies, play games, type out a novel or even create artwork. This foldable genuine leather skin design is comprised of premium leather that gently protects the iPad 2. The secure cover with simple corner tucking closure provides a snug fit to hug your iPad 2 with a slim profile and zero bulk. Retail Price: $79.99, but available on pre-order for $69.99