HulloMail extends caller-based greetings to iPhone

Now, iPhone users can record different greetings for different contacts to add a personalised touch to their voicemail
HulloMail, the voice messaging company, has today extended the launch of the new individual greeting feature to its HulloMail SmartVoicemail™ iPhone app. It gives users the freedom to record and assign personalised greetings to any number of contacts; perfect if you want family to get a different greeting to you work colleagues. This follows the successful launch of the new Individual Greetings feature to HulloMail’s Android and BlackBerry apps at the end of April. 
Andy Munarriz, founder and CEO, HulloMail said, “We have now extended our individual greeting feature to our iPhone app. It’s an easy and fun way to personalise your voicemail. You can record one greetings for your mates to let them know what time you’ll be meeting them at the pub, and record a more professional greetings for your boss or work colleagues. We’ve listened closely to our subscribers, who suggested this useful addition to our apps.”
How it works:
The individual greeting feature is simple to use: via the app, subscribers simply record a greeting and assign it to a chosen contact in their address book.  This can be done for an unlimited number of contacts and is easy to update at any time. In addition, HulloMail has extended the length of voicemail messages for its HulloMail SmartVoicemail™ iPhone app; meaning messages of up to five minutes can now also be left.
The HulloMail SmartVoicemail™ apps are available to download from the iPhone, Android and BlackBerry app stores for an introductory annual fee of £3.99 UK, €5.49 in Ireland and $6.99 in the USA.  For more information regarding HulloMail, visit
About HulloMail
Formed in 2008, HulloMail, the voice-messaging innovator, offers UK, USA and Ireland-based consumers modern voicemail applications and instant voice messaging. The HulloMail technology, used daily by over 35 million subscribers worldwide, has been developed with an emphasis on extensive product research and consumer-led innovation.
HulloMail's services offer a quick and easy way to manage, send, receive and share voicemails and with the new Hullo feature, provide free*, instant voice messaging to mobile and email. Mobile Operators can accelerate modernisation of voicemail-based services while greatly reducing capital expenditure by utilising the HulloMail Cloud Application Managed Service Suite.
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