A new revision tool is today being launched that will transform the way GCSE Science students revise, following teacher’s concerns and research proving that traditional revision formats do not address the needs of pupils today. The DrSwot range of study apps are the only revision tools available for smartphones created by experienced GCSE teachers, with up to date content developed specifically to match each exam board syllabus.  

Available at just 59p per app, with some available at no cost, they provide a complementary and effective means to revise with original and targeted content in bite size chunks. Smartphone programmer Ian Copeman, education psychologist Catherine Copeman and digital product marketing expert Matthew Ansell created the DrSwot brand of study apps after listening to complaints  from teachers about the revision tools available.

The DrSwot team’s research revealed that:

·      80% of teachers think  that mobile phone revision guides or tests would be useful as a compliment to  classroom learning.  
·      90% of teachers feel that content tailored to student’s exam board is the most  important quality in a revision tool. This was closely followed by interactive content (80%) and engaging content (70%).
·       The most common barriers preventing students  from reaching their potential are finding revision boring, insufficient exam  practice and distractions at home. Teachers are also concerned that poor classroom concentration can result in poor quality revision notes, emphasising  the need for students to compliment classroom learning with quality revision  tools.

Available from iTunes, the DrSwot range of study apps contain thousands of unique revision facts and test questions written by the DrSwot team of GCSE teachers. Each study app has two revision formats:  ShowTheWord and Quick Facts and two test formats: Multiple Choice and True-False. Each format has been designed to last for five minutes, enabling students to pick up and use wherever they are. The apps have a number of beneficial features, including: limitless number of practice tests, an  explanation of incorrect answers and monitoring of test results to identify areas for improvement. 

Matthew Ansell, co-founder of DrSwot said:  “It is beyond belief that GCSE students haven’t been able to access quality revision tools, which combine their love for technology and need for interaction and variety. We’ve been working with experienced teachers who specialise in one science subject and have a passion for technology – they understood what was missing from the traditional revision toolkit and recognise the benefits of mobile learning. We all agree that there is a real need for an app that will not only help the students to learn, but is a tool that they want to use – which is half the battle. We have been delighted with test results and hope to help make revision for this year’s GSCE students just a bit more interesting and fun”.   

Kai Peters, Chief Executive of Ashridge Business School, said: "Apps are particularly suited as a study aid. Their ability to immediately respond to the learner's input puts them at a great advantage to paper-based study guides where one has to turn to the answer section to see how one is doing. Additionally, portable devices can be accessed at any time while guides are rarely taken along. Certainly our research at Ashridge indicates that for fact-based learning and for practice, apps and e-Learning in general are ideal. In particular, it revealed that those born after 1981 share common learning preferences including: a need for immediacy; trial and error approach to problem solving; low boredom threshold; and a better response to visual, nonlinear and virtual learning”.

The first set of apps, being launched today, cover unit 1 of the AQA Science GCSE for all major smart phones, starting with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. A team of experienced teachers is currently working on content for similar apps for the Edexcel, OCR Gateway and OCR 21st Century syllabus. To find out more, please visit Dr Swot and get the apps now, from the App Store