The Drop Series iPad 2 Case from Gumdrop specifically conforms to the shape of the Apple iPad 2 and offers multi-layer protection, making it one of the toughest and most durable cases on the market. The case features rigid plastic protection on the inside and shock absorbing rubber on the outside.


This iPad 2 case features a uniquely replaceable, snap-on integrated screen for maximum protection. This is no "peel-and-stick" membrane, but rather a durable sheet of touch-sensitive plastic that truly performs and protects.


"There are a lot of ruggedized cases coming to market for the iPad 2, but most of them look pretty clunky and are really hard to put together," says Tim Hickman, CEO of Gumdrop Cases. "We made sure we had a unique design and went a step further to include the world's first replaceable touch screen shield. If it gets scratched, you can pop in a new one without having to go buy a new case!"


The Drop Series  ruggedized case for the iPad 2 is designed to take a few knocks and prevent scratching while it's in your sack or while using it. Integrated port covers that stay firmly in place allow you safely take your iPad to the beach, on the trail, or even to a 4 year old's birthday party!