Leading Internet Entertainment

Sunday, May 29th 2011, saw the successful launch on a new website leading the way in internet entertainment. With a live video broadcast, viewers watched in as the website was switched on for the very first time. What followed was an hour of entertainment with a Q&A session from viewers around the world.

"The launch was a fantastic success, with 1,000 views in the first hour alone" [Dave Cryer, Founder]. brings together a superb mix of content producers, who are very passionate about the videos they produce. It is often the case that good quality content gets lost amongst the thousands of videos published every day. Now visitors can view trusted content all in one place and discover channels that they may never have known existed. The variety of content is awesome, with tech reviews, in-depth tests, comedy, music and vlogging, there is certainly plenty to choose from.

The future is bright for too, with many new channels planned over the coming months. "Each new channel is scrutinised to check it meets our expectations. It is very important that the content quality is good and either informative, entertaining, or both" [Dave Cryer, Founder].

All of the content producers involved like to interact with their viewers. This is a great way to get involved and feel part of the VIZBOX community. On the website you will find a 'Live Events' section, where every week you can join in and pose text & video questions to the hosts. The live events will be very interesting indeed with a different subject matter every week. Be sure to come along for the ride!