Game Consoles using HDMI cables

Popular video game consoles like the Xbox and Playstation have become instant hits as they provide a much improved video gaming experience than in the past. Graphic technology has improved greatly and gamers are able to play games with realistic graphics that make them feel as though they are part of the game. When purchasing these game systems they must be connected to the television in order for them to work. There are two main options of cables that can accomplish this task. Composite cables or hdmi cables can be used but there are many more advantages to choosing the HDMI cable.


The Playstation 3 is one system that can use HDMI connections. This gaming system was created with a built in Blu-Ray player that is able to play 1080p video. This type of video signal can only be handled by HDMI cables. If you use composite cables with this, you will not get the results you seek. Also, the Playstation 3’s images are all created in a digital format. When you use an HDMI cable, there is no need for the signal to be converted prior to transmission. Therefore the signal is not compromised and audio and video quality remains constant. Generally, when purchasing HDMI cables for this particular gaming system, you will want to opt for the high speed cable. The main reason being that high speed cable is more compatible with the PS3 and maintains the high pixel count of the games.


HDMI cables can also be used by the Xbox 360. Using an HDMI cable rather than a composite cable is going to give you a much better image. Unlike the PLaystation 3, the Xbox 360 is not able to support that same amount of pixels. Actually only a display of 720p can be seen with the Xbox 360. Therefore when purchasing an HDMI cable for the Xbox 360, a standard HDMI cable will fulfill your purposes. There is no need to buy a high speed HDMI cable. Also remember that both the PS3 and Xbox 360 frequently provide firmware updates. Keeping these current can also help make sure you are getting the most you can from your HDMI cables.