Twitter mistake about Steve Jobs death is saddening

It seems like the Twitter universe has gone crazy again, after somebody at CBS tweeted that the ex-CEO of Apple Inc had died.

The channel then apologised for tweeting out news that they had yet to confirm. This is really bad of them and shows how low journalism has changed, with this "Must be first attitude".

Lazar, one of the show’s executive writers tweeted, “On interest of all of us during @disruptgroup we unequivocally apologize for a oversight that was tweeted progressing today.-EP/ Host @WhatsTrending”

I want to go on the record as saying that this type of journalism is irresponsible and very upsetting for many. On a personal note it is Steve who has inspired me to do many things and thus I take it very personally.

It is also tweets like the one shown below that really annoy me, in fact they infuriate me. The likes of Gizmodo do really stupid reporting sometime and should learn to write article that endear themselves to readers, not anger them.

I personally hope the news is not true, but will report in a sensitive way once proper news comes in.