DomeSkins feature a very unique 3D “dome” design giving any device a exceptional look and feel. The patented technology and advanced engineering used in construction make DomeSkin the highest quality skin on the market. Created to enhance and improve device style with modern designs and bold statements, DomeSkins provide a unique look, slim profile and enhanced device gripping which prevents slippage and adds protection.
DomeSkin Vice President, Adam Kutlug, is excited for the launch of iPhone 5 DomeSkins along with the popularity and uniqueness of the new DomeSkin line. "DomeSkin is differentiated from other skins on the market with the clear 3D top coating and the advancements in quality engineering to produce them. The DomeSkin line is reusable due to the “clear dome” armor/resin built into the skin. We are proud to offer our customers a large variety of designs and a huge device selection, he said.
The new collection of iPhone 5 DomeSkin debuts today online and is available in unique, stylish and popular designs to match all individual personalities at, The website also highlights the new collection of skins for the iPhone 5 and also the Samsung S3 which are all making a splash in the accessory market with a sophisticated style and advanced quality engineering.
All DomeSkins can be easily removed from the device and come off totally clean thanks to the patented 3M technology used in the construction of the skins. Removing the skin will not damage the skin, device or design.
DomeSkin is scratch-resistant and much more durable than other skins on the market. For this reason, the DomeSkin warranty will not expire during the lifetime of the device to which it is initially applied. The DomeSkin offers the advantage of a soft layer of “skin” to gently protect the device without unnecessary bulk—the result is a smooth, form fit which mobile device users love.
The DomeSkin product assortment provides the following device options with a retail price of $19.99 for most devices and $29.99 for the iPad. DomeSkins come in hundreds of designs suitable for everyone, while providing excellent value and the perfect blend of protection and contemporary style. DomeSkin are available for immediate purchase at: