Dyson’s Tangle-free Turbine tool The only turbine tool that doesn’t tangle

Other turbine heads leave you tugging out the tangles. They rely on a brush bar to collect hair and dirt from the surface. Hair wraps around the brush bar slowing it down and overtime stopping it from working all together. Hair balls, scissors – and mess. Dyson’s Tangle-free Turbine tool uses two counter-rotating heads, with brushes to remove hair and dirt sucking it straight into the bin - hygienically. No tangles – no mess.

 James Dyson

“We put as much into developing our tools as we do our vacuum cleaners. After the Groom tool, the engineers were tasked with getting rid of another hairy problem. We found that rubbing hair in a circular motion and causing it to clump allowed for easy removal, so we replaced the brush bar in the turbine head with two counter-rotating heads - improving the performance of our machines.”

How it works...

Fitting on most Dyson vacuum cleaners, it is the only turbine tool that effectively removes hair from surfaces without tangling. The flexible counter-rotating heads (made from TPU- thermoplastic polyurethane) and articulating base plate ensure that he brushes remain in constant contact with a surface – no matter how uneven. The brushes on these heads maintain contact over a larger surface area (when compared to a conventional turbine tool).  They spin round to the very front of the tool, dislodging hair and dirt right up to the edges of stairs and corners. With the heads counter-rotating they continually overlap, maintaining full surface contact throughout.

The Dyson Tangle-free Turbine tool splits the airflow between the mouth of the tool (for removing hair and dirt and through the turbine (for generating head-rotation). Only clean air is directed over the turbine enabling the heads to rotate with constant power.