iPhone 5 speaker is loudest iPhone speaker yet

Lucky iPhone 5 owners (I'm not one of them yet) can be proud to know that their new device is the loudest iPhone yet. The folks over at iClarified thought that it seemed a bit louder than older versions, so they did the right thing and tested the iPhone 5 -- and every other model of iPhone ever built -- with a decibel meter.

What they found is that the iPhone 5 speaker is indeed the loudest yet, pumping out an impressive 100.3 dBA when a pink noise file was played in the Music app. That's greater than the previous winner, the iPhone 4S, which tipped the meter at 97.9 dBA. Remember that the decibel A-weighting (dBA) is measured on a logarithmic scale, so that seemingly insignificant 2.4 dBA difference actually corresponds to an 18 percent increase in loudness.

[Source: TUAW - Read the full story there]