New Kindles start shipping today in Europe, Lovefilm launches on Kindle Fire

As promised, Amazon has started shipping its latest Kindles on the other side of the Atlantic, with theKindle Paperwhite as well as the Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD making the trip. Amazon's branded video services did not make the trip, so Lovefilm is filling in, offering a free month to buyers of either Fire tablet. Despite the switch in names, the Kindle Fire / Fire HD Lovefilm app will support features owners have gotten used to in the US like Whispersync pause / resume across devices, watch list and X-Ray for Movies that brings in extra info about any actors or scenes that are being watched. The Kindle Fire 8GB is available for £129/€159, while the Fire HD in 16GB or 32GB editions costs £159/€199 and £199/€249, respectively. The Kindle Paperwhite isn't invited to the video party, but it starts at £109 for the basic model or £169 with 3G.

[Source: Engadget]