Best things to use the iPhone 5 for

One of the best things about the iPhone 5 is its camera. If you are a keen photographer and videographer, then this is the phone for you for those moments on the go. It is much faster which means that you now do not have to wait between shots. The speed is a great asset and in situations like photographing children, you can get lots of frames, ensuring that you don't miss that vital expression! It also has an interesting panorama feature. As you take pictures and turn the camera, it stitches the pictures together. 
It has on screen directions which tell you to slow down if you are moving too fast and an arrow also helps keep you on the same horizontal line so that at the end you will have a full rectangle sized panoramic image.  The front facing camera is a 1.2 mega pixel, 720p camera and massive improvements have been made to this. It means that your face time calls will be much clearer, and your front facing pictures are of a much higher quality. It doesn't match up to the quality of the camera on the back, but that's still a great quality camera. 
Video on the new iPhone is shot at 1080p, so the quality of your video is much higher than ever before on smartphones. Stabilization is much better too, so you won't have as much of the unsteady guerrilla style filming you will have encountered before.
Another fantastic feature is that you can snap pictures while you are recording video. Although the improvements between the iPhones 4s and iPhone 5 are small, if you are someone who spends your life capturing a lot of photographs and video, then this alone would be a good enough reason to upgrade to the iPhone 5.
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