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Taiwan wants Apple to hide new radar defense system in iOS 6 maps

Two weeks ago, we brought you news that Apple (and in some cases Nokia) has high-quality imagery in its Maps application of military sites obscured in Google Maps. Today, the Taiwanese Defense Ministry has issued a statement to PhysOrg saying that it will request that Apple blurs satellite photos (or uses low-resolution images) of a new first warning radar system at its Hsinchu Air Base. A spokesperson said that although there was nothing illegal about what Apple is doing, the ministry will ask Apple to lower the resolution of images of some "confidential military establishments," adding that the same has been asked of Google in the past.

A quick glance at satellite images of Hsinchu Air Base shows a clearer image through Google Maps than via Apple Maps, but we're not entirely sure where the first warning radar system is located, nor do we know what it looks like. Regardless, this is the first case we've heard of a government department formally requesting that Apple obscure a military site, but as we suggested a fortnight ago, it likely won't be the last.

[Source: The Verge]