Spotify confirms web app in the works, currently in closed beta

There have been rumblings that Spotify would unveil a browser-based client. Well, the company has just confirmed to us that such a service is not only in the works, but is currently in beta testing. The trial version is being rolled out slowly to users over the coming weeks and months, though it may be sometime before the general public is granted access. The statement we received didn't specify an official launch date, the company simply said it "will have more information in Q1 of next year." We weren't able to squeeze too many details out of the spokesperson but, according to a report from The Verge, there is a basic set of features that mirrors what you see in the desktop app. That means a what's new section, simple search and Spotify Radio, though no support for apps at the moment. Now you'll just have to cross your fingers that you'll be one of the lucky few granted testing privileges sooner, rather than later.

[Source: Engadget]