Minecraft Reality for iOS finds a home for our blocky dreams in the real world

While it's possible to translate the hours and hours spent building worlds inMinecraft to real objects, we wouldn't say the results always match the initial vision -- they're more likely to involve either a miniature 3D printout or the time and money spent on a whole lot of Lego. Mojang and 13th Lab have developed what's arguably a smarter solution with their new Minecraft Reality for iOS. After scanning the environment, the app can insert anyone's uploaded cuboid masterpiece into a perspective-correct augmented reality for viewing from any angle. Interaction is mostly limited to resizing objects, but the title will display the handiwork of anyone nearby and take a shareable screenshot for posterity. There's no word of an Android version just yet; if that's no obstacle to making dreams a (virtual) reality, however, the $2 to pay for Minecraft Reality is a much cheaper and faster alternative to a mountain of plastic bricks.

[Source: Engadget]