Nintendo on iOS? Pokédex arrives on iOS in the US and Europe, costs $2

Nintendo may not be giving up its gaming IPs to smartphones just yet, but the Japanese gaming giant is willing to work with them if it means crosspromoting games on standalone Nintendo consoles. Take, for example, today's release of the interactive Pokémon "Pokédex," available for $2 across various iOS devices -- Nintendo clearly isn't against taking fans' money in exchange for a valuable service: information on over 640 Pokémon on-the-go ... if you buy the three upgrade packs for $5.99 apiece (!!), that is.

Support for the app extends all the way back to the aged iPhone 3GS, and through to the newest iPad (as well as the iPad Mini), so you'll be able to explore the wild world of Tepig from a vast array of iOS hardware. Of course, much of this could be meaningless to you if you grabbed the free version previously available on Nintendo's 3DS, but then you put it off, didn't you? And now here we are.

[Source: Engadget]