Secret Santa AKA GadgetsBoy Delivered

Last week I told you about some exciting Christmas related news. The kind guys & gals at had organised a Secret Santa Challenge. I was so excited that they invited me to take part and even happier when I learned that GadgetsBoy was my partner in the festivities.

The challenge began with me selecting a gift to send. That was a real challenge to buy something for a geek that has a lot of gadgets already. I won't spoil it for you in this article, so to find out what I gifted, check out the GadgetsBoy website.

Today, there was a knock at my door. Plain white box signed for … I sat next to the Geekanoids Christmas Tree and opened it with excitement. Well, fella, it proves you know me. I am a gadget freak for sure, but also a photography fanatic too. I love my cameras, using both micro four thirds, plus a Canon shooter too.
For those of you who have Canon gear, you will know that the red ringed L lens is top end optics & something to be proud of. On first looks I thought GadgetsBoy had gone crazy, blowing all his hard earned cash on this top end lens, then the smile or realisation came.

The gift I received is a Lens Mug, that's right a mug that is made to look like a Canon 28-135mm L Lens. The attention to detail is superb, check out the photos below to see how realistic it is. Not only do I have something here that looks the part, but in these cold winter months I can load it up with a warm hot chocolate … I love it. 
I did try mounting it on my DSLR, but alas it did not work !!! I joke … this is a great gift and I am really happy with it.

Many thanks for the gift GadgetsBoy and a big shout out to MoneySuperMarket for making this possible.