Twitter archive downloads start rolling out to select users, lets you relive 2006 tomfoolery

Remember how you used to rave about MySpace or how excited you were to snag a brown Microsoft Zune? Twitter remembers, and it's ready to let you relive the most awkward thoughts you ever deemed fit to publish on the internet. As promised by CEO Dick Costolo Twitter is letting users download a complete archive of their digital musings. The option hasn't hit the mainstream Twitterverse just yet, but select users are finding the option hidden in the web client's settings page under the heading "your Twitter archive." Compiled archives are pretty, too -- wrapped in HTML and organized by month. Ready to relive 2006, 140 characters at a time? Check out your own archive (if you're lucky enough to have the option) and share your favorite embarrassments with us in the comments after the break.

[SourceL Engadget]