Google Play unveils 'surprise calendar countdown' promo for the holidays

Ah, the month of December, when thoughts turn to mistletoe, eggnog and excruciatingly painful trips to the mall. However, Android users could find solace in Google's recently launched "surprise calendar countdown" giveaway program that promises a daily store offer until January 1st, 2013. Of course, this sort of promo isn't unusual this time of year -- the Mountain View company offered a ten apps for ten cents sale last year and Apple's done the freebie thing over on the iOS side -- but Google appears to be upping the ante this time with extra deals. For example, if you download the free Hotel Tonight application today, you'll also get a $35 credit to be used toward a hotel stay if you use the "Google35" promo code. Sure, that won't exactly pay for a night on the town, but it might be enough for room service. We're not sure what other offers are in store, so we suggest checking Google Play every day from now until the new year for a bit of holiday cheer.

[Source: Engadget]