Spotify now streaming to premium customers on TiVo Premiere boxes but no radio

Spotify is continuing its bid for electronic ubiquity, today announcing yet another device its streaming tunes will be available on: TiVo Premiere. The Premiere series of set top boxes from TiVo come in a variety of flavors, but it sounds like the service should work on any of the line -- of course, you need to be a paying Premium Spotify member to actually use the service, just like Spotify's mobile variations. There's a snappy TV-centric UI, optimized for use with TiVo's controller, and a full screen mode should you choose a more minimalist approach to your music consumption. And hey, now that Lars Ulrich is on board, you can have an all Metallica jam session, right from your living room entertainment center. Hot dog. TiVo reps tell us that the Spotify app doesn't contain the radio functionality found in other iterations of the software, and resultantly, the Spotify for TiVo app is premium member-exclusive.

[Source: Engadget]