A Trip Down (Apple) Memory Lane

Apple Store Bentall Happy GeniusBack in the day when Geekanoids was born, my primary focus was on all things Apple. In fact, the name I was better known by back then was 'davomrmac' due to my involvement with the Apple Discussions forum. My day-to-day work was that of a graphic designer and supporting the Mac & PC systems around me. I was the 'gadget man' that people turned to for advice.

My very first written review was the Tempo iPod Sports Wrap from Griffin in August 2006, follow by my first YouTube video, the Disko Case which can be seen below.

From quite an early stage I need to say a big thank you to Apple, they saw what I was trying to achieve and supported me with review products and even early access to some of their store openings. Both the Geekanoids 2nd Gen iPod Nano and 3rd Gen iPod Nano (see video below, no laughing please) were loaned to me by Apple. I remember jumping for joy when that first Nano was delivered. Getting recognition for the big 'A' was awesome. Of course it was a shame that the Nanos had to be returned after the loan period, but this is how the business works. It was the start of a great relationship that was followed by Apple TV's, laptops, software & numerous other devices. I felt very honoured and still do to this day.

Apple Store Bentall 1st CustomerOver the years of covering Apple product launches, some of my most memorable news moments are the Store Openings. These are really cool events, not product focussed at all, simply focussing on like-minded people celebrating a new beginning for a new store & staff. I have met many awesome people at the openings too, including some that I keep in touch with to this day. 
The photo to the left is from the Apple Store Bental Centre, which opened back on Saturday 17th February 2007. I was given the privilege of being allowed in the store before it opened to the public, to take up a prime position to take photos. It was so exciting seeing the first customer walking down the aisle. You can read all about it here.

Since attending & covering many of these events, I have thoroughly enjoyed all the new launches, including of course the iPhone & iPad excitement. To this day… I still get excited when something new is announced. There is nothing quite like opening a new Apple product & producing a video to share with everyone. I owe a big thank you to all my viewers, without whom the Geekanoids Channel would not exist. I also owe an epically big thank you to Apple for not only making great products, but also for believeing in Geekanoids.