TweetDeck Twitter Security

Oh nooooo what a mess TweetDeck has made of my recent install on a new piece of Apple hardware. After cloning across a previous backup, I logged into TweetDeck (not Twitter) and it pulls all my Twitter & Facebook accounts across. 


I respond to an enquiry tweet from someone asking about VizBox.TV (the website I set up, but am no longer with) and TweetDeck responds from the VizBoxTV twitter account. 
I was so furious, the application would not even allow me to delete the tweet. Not having control of the account or the password, this was really weird.


What worries me though is a security flaw in TweetDeck. Of course I managed to manually remove the account, so the error cannot re-occur, but imagine if you got your TweetDeck account hacked. Worse than that, what if you restored someones else's Mac from a clone you had made… just one sign in and they would be able to tweet from all your previous accounts. I think an update with some security preferences would be a good idea.