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eBay seller claims to be auctioning a Microsoft Xbox Durango development kit

A seller on eBay posted a listing for what they claim is a Microsoft Xbox Durango development kit today, with the current bid for the Alpha Tower at $15,000.
The tower, which is supposedly for the next-gen Xbox, was posted by eBay user SuperDae earlier this morning and listed additional items like a wireless controller and power supply. The auction includes only a single image of a non-descript tower, with no further details on its contents. The starting price for the tower was set to $1, and when contacted by The Tech Game, SuperDae said: "All proceeds go to charity. And by charity, I mean my new car." A Twitter user with the same handle tweeted images of what he claimed to be Kinect for the Durango over the weekend, although Microsoft did not officially confirm that they were legitimate.
According to Kotaku, SuperDae is policing the bids for the supposed Durango Alpha Tower, saying, "I only expect people who know what it is to buy it. Otherwise you have no reason to bid." We have contacted Microsoft for comment and will update this story when more information is available.


UPDATE: The Durango development kit was sold for $20,100. Earlier today the auction has six days to go, but the status of the auction switched to "sold" at 17:32 PDT after 43 bids had been placed

[Source: The Verge]