Samsung’s aftermath: appeals, emergency executive meetings, stock down 7%, jury comments

Following Samsung’s major loss to Apple in U.S. court, we saw follow-up official statements from Apple PR, Samsung PR, and Apple CEO Tim Cook. Now, new details from the aftermath are coming through.

The first piece of news comes from the Korea Times. The site reports that Samsung executives held an emergency meeting regarding the loss in trial. Even worse is a comment from a Samsung senior executive as he walked into Samsung’s HQ: “It’s absolutely the worst scenario for us.”

Inside the building, Choi Gee-sung, former Samsung Electronics CEO and now the head of Samsung Group’s corporate strategy division, was holding an emergency meeting attended by Shin Jong-kyun, the company’s mobile devices chief, and Lee Dong-joo, lead marketing official.

The Korea Times also reports that Samsung executives are set to formally respond to media requests and offer a more official response in the coming days.

The loss not only created havoc for Samsung executives, but Samsung shareholders as well. CNET reports that Samsung shares are down approximately 7% in the South Korean market:

[Source: 9to5Mac]