PS Vita v1.80 update now available, PSOne titles for download revealed

Of all the new features in firmware version 1.80 we're pretty sure that the ability to play PSOne classicswas fairly high on people's want-list. Well, the update is live, and with it a list of the titles available. There are nine on offer today for US Vita owners, which are: Arc the LadCool Boarders 2Final Fantasy VII,Hot Shots Golf 2Jet MotoSyphon FilterTomb RaiderTwisted Metal 2 and Wild Arms, with hopefully more to follow. This is in stark contrast to what's available over the pond, as Kotaku points out, with over 100 titles hitting European shores from tomorrow -- somewhat of an imbalance. But, with Sony said to be targeting a younger crowd, maybe it's banking on some of them not remembering the PlayStation's golden age.

[Source: Engadget]