Galaxy Note 10.1 already shipping from Negri Electronics ahead of likely mid-August announcement

While Samsung hasn't exactly been forthcoming about the release date for the long-awaited Galaxy Note 10.1, high-end phone retailer Negri Electronics apparently has taken matters into its own hands. Despite the fact that Samsung has a "major Galaxy announcement" scheduled for mid-August, Customers can now drop $749.50 at the retailer to put in a pre-order for the device. According to the Negri Electronics Twitter account, orders will begin shipping today.

The white unlocked model up for sale includes both Wi-Fi and 3G connections, runs Android 4.0, has a resolution of 1280 x 800, and is powered by a 1.4GHz quad-core processor — same as we heard way back in February when the Galaxy Note 10.1 was introduced at Mobile World Congress. It also looks identical to a model that leaked out just a few weeks ago. After a long five months and lots of new tablets on the market, our enthusiasm for this tablet may have diminished a bit — but it's still probably the most stylus-friendly option on the market. If you're interested, you can place an order now right here.

[Source: The Verge]