Samsung Galaxy Camera and Galaxy Note II getting 50GB free Dropbox space for two years

Android devices getting free Dropbox space is nothing new: we've seen it on the HTC One series and Samsung Galaxy S III already. The news that Samsung's IFA stars, the Galaxy Note II and Galaxy Camera, will come with a 50GB Dropbox storage expansion for two years shouldn't come as a surprise, then. It's also unclear whether US carriers will even allow it. But having said all that, think of the possibilities for the latter device.

A 4G-connected compact camera could be the perfect match for Dropbox's Android automatic photo upload on Android — you'd have access to far more storage than most people carry in SD cards, and all your pictures would be almost instantly available on your other devices regardless of platform. We'll have to wait for the Galaxy Camera's launch to see if the reality matches the dream; hopefully we see this kind of thinking make its way to other cameras sooner rather than later.

[Source: The Verge]