Facebook’s Ridiculous Test Charges $100 To Message Outside of Network

Would you pay to guarantee that your Facebook messages end up in recipients’ inboxes, even if they’re not connected to you? The company seems to think so, having launched a new — and utterly ridiculous — test program.

Sure, plenty of people and businesses would be interested in guaranteed delivery to recipients outside of their networks. And many would even be willing to spend a little dough to ensure messages don’t end up in the “Other” folder, that wasteland of junk mail and Facebook group notifications. But here’s where the ridiculous part comes in: Some users have noticed pop-ups asking for a whopping $100 for the feature.

Just, wow. For that much money, you could just hire a bike courier to deliver your note in person, no?

While that price may seem indiscriminately excessive, it’s actually by design. When the program began last month, along with handy filters like that new Other folder, the test fee was just a mere $1. Now it’s $100. Clearly, the company is playing around with price points to gauge how much people are willing to pay. And who knows? Maybe some folks would consider a C-note to be a bargain to reach the likes of Mark Zuckerberg.

[Source: TechnoBuffalo]