MySpace Is Back: Redesigned Reboot Publicly Opens

Facebook was once the hip new upstart amid a nascent social media landscape dominated by offerings like MySpace and Friendster. (Show of hands — who remembers Friendster?) But it wasn’t long before the Zuckerprise overshadowed its competitors and emerged as the dominant platform for Mafia Wars, Farmville and that Broadway soundtrack that your auntie listens to, seemingly ad nauseum.

But like any medium, service or company that becomes “the establishment,” the social network — which has hundreds of millions, or possibly a billion+, users — has competitors vying to knock it off its pedestal — most notably Google+. So far, it has successfully managed to keep Mountain View at bay, but how would it do against a returning champion? MySpace is itching to find out.

MySpace? Seriously? I know, I know — seems ludicrous. That place became the singer-songwriter’s landing spot, DJ-turned-club promoter’s wasteland and the butt of jokes across all of social media. It has been that way for ages now. And that’s the interesting part. It never really went away. And like a phoenix rising from the ashes, it has been hard at work to resurrect and re-imagine itself.

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