Apple TV Sells 2 Million Units in the Holiday Quarter; Still a Hobby

Apple reported today that the Apple TV streaming device sold 2 million units during the holiday quarter. When exactly will this finally qualify as a real product?

Last quarter Apple sold 1.3 million Apple TV units, and during the 2011 holiday quarter it sold 1.4 million. The 2 million it sold in this latest quarter represents a 60 percent increase, and makes it one of the top selling streaming solutions on the market. Somehow Apple still feels this product qualifies as a “hobby,” much to the confusion of folks who work in the tech industry.

Most companies would be ecstatic if its product sold 2 million units in a quarter, and a large number of them could make that the only thing they do. In the case of Apple, somehow it remains a “hobby,” a product that is not considered serious enough to be included in quarterly reports, but still gets asked about on the earnings call.

At some point Apple will have to admit this is a real product, but one has to wonder what the magical sales number is to trigger that event.

[Source: TechnoBuffalo]