RIM unveils lower BlackBerry World price tiers, starts with the Euro, British Pound

BlackBerry-toting penny-pinchers have cause to rejoice, as RIM is introducing lower price tiers in BlackBerry World, starting with the British Pound and Euro. New price tags have yet to take hold across the board, but the the UK will see their lowest level fall from £1.00 to £0.75. When it comes to the Euro, prices will vary by country, and we spotted apps as low as €0.75 on Spain's version of the shop. According to RIM, the tweak takes currency exchange rates and VAT requirements into account, and is an effort to gain a competitive edge and catch the eyes of consumers. If you're hankering to save coin in other countries, more currencies are set to follow suit shortly after this round of changes take effect. RIM says the price adjustment is automatic, but developers who yearn to change their asking prices can sort things out at BlackBerry World's vendor portal.

[Source: Engadget]