New shopping companion Stuffster launches to track and alert consumers of online price drops

Stuffster’s Fastest Fallers Index reveals that TVs and Cameras saw the biggest tech savings in January 2013*

  • Stuffster launches today, a new online shopping tool that tracks items and alerts you when the price drops to what you want to pay
  • Stuffster’s Fastest Fallers Price Index reveals that Cameras and Children’s Tech had the highest number of technology sales over the January sales period*
  • Stuffster sees the average price of items online fluctuate by as much as 17.5% during the day
  • The new The new price drop alert service features an easy to use bookmark function so consumers can add items to track in Stuffster from their web browser in just one click, helping organise their shopping

LONDON, January 31, 2013 – Following a wealth of new products announced at CES,, a free online shopping companion, has launched today to help consumers buy the products they want for the price they can afford. The revolutionary new service tracks global price drops and will enable consumers to track products that they want to buy and set the price they want to pay, following which Stuffster will alert them when the price drops to their target price.

Supporting the news, Stuffster has also revealed the launch of its Fastest Fallers Index, which has tracked price fluctuations of 691 online products between December 2012 and January 2013. Using Stuffster to continuously monitor price changes, the site revealed that fashion, beauty and technology products saw the biggest price drops, as over a third (34.9%) of items monitored fell over this period, with savings of up to 80% on popular products. From the technology items and websites monitored, Cameras and Children’s Tech saw the biggest percentage of items drop in price, with brands like Currys and Amazon slashing prices over the past four weeks. TVs and cameras saw particularly high savings with prices dropping by hundreds of pounds on items like Sony’s Full HD 3D Camcorder and LG’s Full HD 47” LED 3D TV, which fell from £1,699.99 to £999.97 and £1,299 to £649 respectively.

Keir McConomy, CEO for, commented, “Over the past few years we’ve seen a boom in online shopping as consumers log on in search of the best deals. There are big savings to be had online for the savvy shopper. With tech giants launching new products every other week, retailers often slash their prices on old stock, but we even see prices fluctuate by as much as 10-30% in the same day due to flash sales and changes in the market, so it can be easy to miss out on these great deals.”

Using Stuffster’s Trakology technology, the site did not only reveal price drops, but also price increases and dailyfluctuations. Online prices can vary by as much as 17.5% in a day, as retailers adjust their prices multiple times according to supply and demand. For example, Stuffster saw Samsung’s NX 1000 Digital Compact Camera drop from £399.99 on Amazon to £329.99, only to increase back up to £399.99 just 6 hours later.

Stuffster tracks prices of any product on any website in the world, including Amazon, PC World, John Lewis and Currys, and has been established to help consumers take control of their shopping so they never need to worry about missing out on a bargain. Consumers add items to by clicking the +STUFF button which they add to their browser and then setting the price they want to pay. All items are stored in Stuffster in a “Stufflist”, a central Wishlist of items they want to buy, or they can organise them in “Stuffboards” – helping categorise items in any way they want, from gadget essentials, to clothes, to specific categories like tablets. 

Stuffster is a free service for consumers to use, and has launched following over a year in development.

Keir McConomy continues, “We’ve launched Stuffster to help put the power back into consumers’ hands. Stuffster helps take the stress away by constantly tracking the items you want, so you never miss out on a bargain if the price drops on an item or it goes on sale. By using Stuffster, you can regularly save 25-50% off many of the most popular gadgets you want to buy and in today’s economic climate that can make a big difference or allow you to treat yourself with the savings made. What’s more, Stuffster helps save you time and hassle by organising your shopping items in one central place, so you never have to make a manual list of items ever again.”

To get price drop alerts for your favourite items, visit for more details.