CES 2013: Samsung to Reinvent Refrigerators with T9000 Smart Fridge

Samsung announced Monday that it plans to reinvent the age-old kitchen appliance, that boring refrigerator, with smart capabilities in 2013. It’s not only smart in the way that you’re connecting it to other gadgets around the house, but in a bit of a different way. First, the smartphone connectivity:: Evernote, for example, allows you to sync notes with family members. It also shows recipes, calendars and more. A smartphone can be used as a baby monitor, too.

A new T9000 LCD refrigerator, with 32 cubic feet of storage, also features the ability to change different compartments depending on what you need them for. If you need more space in the fridge for freezing stuff, simply change the temperature. Likewise, if you need to use the freezer compartment as additional storage for items that need to be kept cold, but not frozen, you can control that too. Sounds pretty amazing!

[Source: TechnoBuffaol]