Skype introduces eGifting for Mac and PC with version 6.2

On the mobile front, BlackBerry 10 is still waiting to get in on the Skype action, but the same can definitely not be said about the calling / messaging services on the more desktop-oriented platforms that are OS X and Windows. On this occasion, the application's new revision brings, most notably, an eGifting feature that's set to allow Mac and PC users to send Skype credits to anyone they deem worthy of receiving them -- so long as they have an account set up, of course. Skype's also slightly redesigned the top toolbar on the Windows edition to make it more of an all-around hub for accessing "Home," "Creating Groups," and "Adding Contacts," while, in version 6.2, the OS X app gets the ability to send one-way SMS without the need for number verification. Both updates are available now, so hit that source link if you're interested in checking out the novel features.

[Source: Engadget]