Microsoft does a stealth price increase of Office for Mac

While no one was looking, Microsoft hiked the price of Microsoft Office for Mac. A note inComputerWorld also says Microsoft has stopped selling multi-license packages of the suite of office tools.

That makes Office for Mac 2011 the same price as Office 2013 for Windows. It comes about as Microsoft pushes for its cloud-based Office 365, a subscription-based plan.

A single license for Office for Mac Home and Student is now US$140, up 17% from the old $120 price. Office for Mac Home & Business was hiked 10% to $220.

We confirmed the new prices at the Microsoft online store and at the Apple online store. Some online retailers, such as Amazon, are still showing the lower prices, so you might want to grab a copy from those retailers before the price hike kicks in.

The prices might cause some people to shift to Apple's iWork, but that suite of applications hasn't been updated beyond bug fixes since January 2009.

[Source: TUAW]