Instagram now has a full web feed to compliment its mobile app

Since its launch in 2010, Instagramhas remained an almost entirely mobile-only experience, only recently bringing a profile page component to the web. That changed today with the now Facebook-owned company introducing a full web-based image feed, including commentating and sharing options, for viewing your photos and those of your friends from within any browser.

Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom announced the admittedly major step for his brand via its official blog, stating that it comes as the result of user demand. While the web feed mimics its in-app counterpart very closely -- particularly when viewed in mobile Safari or Chrome for iOS -- it most notably lacks the option to upload photos from within your browser. Systrom remarked that the feature was left out because the core of Instagram remains "about producing photos on the go, in the real world, in realtime."

[Source: TUAW]