Fun things to do on a sick day

Being optimistic is one of the essential things involved in recovering from illness, which is why it is imperative to try and have fun if you’re having a sick day off work. Being sick doesn’t mean you have to keep yourself confined to bed, unless of course your condition is particularly bad. 

If you’re worried about wasting time because you’re sick, look no further. This article seeks to help you think about ways you can spend your sick day that involve you making most of the time off work, as well as having fun!


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Finish the unfinished

Having a day off work is a good way of completing all the bits and bobs that you haven’t been able to. It’s hard to finish reading that novel if you’ve been reading tax transcripts all day at work; now that you have the whole day off, you can curl up by the fire and finish it, finally.

Other things you can finish off while you’re at home also include the backlog of unfinished video games that’s been building up. This is especially appropriate if you’re one of those people who never really finish a game because it’s too hard, leave it for ages and then buying a new one.

Getting over that final enemy hurdle will give you a feeling of satisfaction, guaranteed to lift your spirits.

Do some chores

Not exactly everyone’s idea of fun, but it definitely paves the way for guilt-free fun over the weekend! If your house is messy and the reason is that you’re too busy to clean, use the day off work to do some casual, laid-back cleaning up.

Start with your room – get all that dirty laundry out of there, and clean everything else up thoroughly. There’s no rush if you start early, so you don’t have to stress yourself out.

If you’re feeling up to it, do a little vacuum cleaning as well. Maybe now you can actually bleach the dirty tiled floor in your kitchen.

The upside to all of this is that you won’t have to waste time over the weekend cleaning up. It feels good to get on top of things once in a while.